The Indigenous Design Process: an Interview with Bill Semple

Culture cannot be relegated to the margins of sustainable development policy. When I last went to the International Conference on Sustainable Development[1], the latest edition of which will take place this September in New York, it was therefore a pleasant surprise to meet Bill, who was checking in for his session on “Indigenous Approaches to Sustainable Development”. A brief conversation about his work as an architect in indigenous community contexts

[Essay] Google Glass and Human Nature

Introduction On the 27th of June 2012, Google held its first demonstration of Glass at their I/O Developers Conference. Presented as a groundbreaking product, paving the way for widespread ‘wearable’ computing, it provoked considerable excitement. However, concerns were quickly raised: on our dependence on such technologies, their impact on our bodies and minds as well as human interactions and social norms. As Google’s apparent lack of interest in discussing these