Media & Outreach

Climate Migration: A Primer in 2 Parts

I wrote a short, two-part piece on climate migration for the Global Human Movement Review, the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement blog. The first piece focuses on some of the misconceptions most commonly perpetuated in media and policy narratives. I emphasise that (1) migration is a multi-causal process that cannot be explained by climate change alone; and that (2) human mobilities take many different forms, not all of which are permanent and linear. I also issue a much needed reminder that (3) most migrants do not cross international borders.

On the failings of alarmist headlines

There recently seems to have been a renewed rise in dramatic, alarming narratives about impending mass climate migrations. Concerned about the potentially negative impacts of these reports and the news stories that uncritically relay them, I published a short piece in The Conversation with colleagues Carol Farbotko (University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia), Christiane Froelich (German Institute for Global and Area Studies) and Ingrid Boas (Wageningen University).